Established in 2015, Olive Theory Pizzeria promises to Eat Well and Do Good. Inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, Olive Theory Pizzeria’s mission is to create a business that promotes sustainable growth for the community through learning and education. We strive to inspire and empower individuals and communities through the love of food, learning and philanthropy. We also believe food is personal and should be made just the way you like it. That’s why everyone is encouraged to customize with a variety of house-made sauces, cheeses, meats, vegetables and finishes.

Currently, Olive Theory Pizzeria is partnered with the Northern Illinois Food Bank to distribute donated pizzas to community members who need it the most. The nonprofit is a member of Feeding America and works to solve hunger in northern Illinois through innovative programs and partnerships. Olive Theory also works with a number of local elementary, middle and high schools as well as higher education institutions.

#ofpizzasdonated: 6,505 as of 5/2/17